About the Tarot Visualizations


Welcome to an opportunity to bring about remarkable changes in your life.  Entering into the Tarot Guided Visualizations you will be embarking on your own journey of self-discovery.  This can be very exciting, for it will open you to many possibilities and changes that you may never have considered before.  These Tarot Guided Visualizations will awaken you to your own intuitive knowing.  That is why they are about you, and your personal journey.  These guided visualizations are not about fortune telling in the divinatory sense.  You have all that you need inside you to become aware, and increase your own intuitive ability.  This journey of self-discovery will open you to a greater understanding of yourself, and your place in the universe.



With regular use of these powerful tools you will begin to:

Bring about changes in your life for the better. Be guided into deep relaxation to experience greater peace and calm in your life. Increase your ability to focus and concentrate. Awaken your senses.  Not only is your visual sense enhanced, but also a whole range of senses is evoked by words and imagery.  Improve your memory. Increase your intuitive knowing, and understanding. Make decisions that are correct for you. Improve your self-esteem and confidence. Know that you are unique, and that you have your part to play in the greater Whole. Feel more enlivened, energized, invigorated and rejuvenated. Become more assertive, and in control of your own life. Feel greater love, and joy in your life. Slow down the ageing process. Increase your physical vitality, and enhance your physical health. Accelerate your spiritual awareness. Move toward greater success, prosperity, and abundance. Awaken your creativity more and more.


Now you may think that all of the above is just too good to be true.  I can assure you they are all within reach with creative visualization. Through creative visualization it is possible to change the beliefs that run our lives by becoming conscious, and aware.  It may not happen immediately, but by committing to your own journey of self-discovery, you will indeed be able to live your true nature.  In the unfolding of your true nature you can respond to life in ways that may seem at present unimaginable, or out of reach.


It would seem that there are a number of theories that link the Tarot right back to ancient Egypt.  If this is the case then we have a tool that connects us very deeply with the unconscious mind of humanity over millennia.  There is no doubt that the Tarot has stood the test of time.  The cards have universal appeal, not just purely for divination but to open us to explore our own inner worlds.  There are many Tarot packs available today.  The oldest pack originated in France and is known as the Marseille pack.  The Ryder Waite pack, which was devised by Arthur Edward Waite, and painted by Pamela Coleman-Smith, is still one of the most popular series of Tarot packs. These cards adhere to the authentic symbols and true spirit of the Marseille pack.  The 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot are the cards we have used in these creative visualizations. 



The Major Arcana of the tarot consists of 22 cards.  An Arcanum means a secret thing, or mystery and so each major Arcanum card of the Tarot unfolds its own secret and mystery. Each card also represents an archetype.  An archetype in this instance can be defined as a character that portrays universal qualities, and emotions.  At some level we resonate with these qualities and emotions because they are a part of us.


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