How To Use the Guided Visualizations


Each Tarot guided visualization begins with a few minutes to become centred with posture, and breath.  Then you are guided to create your own Peaceful Sanctuary.  This is a place that you can always come to, where you are safe and protected, and where you can be at peace.  This is an inner sanctuary that is personal to you.  You may have memories of some place you have visited that you loved.  Perhaps it was a place in nature, or a place you visited when you were on holiday.  It may still remain in your memory as a place of beauty and joy.  Creating your Peaceful Sanctuary deepens relaxation as you go on to explore the archetype of your chosen card through the ongoing creative visualization. 





As you embark on the Tarot Guided Visualizations begin by choosing a place where you won’t be disturbed for the time it takes to listen. This could be a room in your home. If this is not possible, a corner in a room could become your place of regular meditation. Prepare the room, if you desire with a lighted candle, some fresh flowers, and some lighted incense, or aromatherapy oils to purify the space. These are not absolutely necessary, but they can enhance the ambience of your space.  Make sure the room is warm, and that the lighting is soft.  A blanket over your legs can be comforting.  Placing a shawl, or blanket around your shoulders can also be a part of your attire for your meditations.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing making sure there is no tightness at your waist, hips, or chest.  Switch off your mobile, and take the phone off the hook.  Turn off any other appliances that may interfere with your meditation.  This is time out for you, your time away from all other responsibilities.  Affirm that you deserve this time out.



You can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, and your hands resting in your lap, or on your thighs.  It is preferable to sit for meditation without leaning onto the back of the chair.

You may choose to sit on a cushion on the floor.  You can do this by sitting cross-legged.  Choose a cushion that elevates your buttocks.  Rest your hands in your lap.  However you decide to sit, keep your back straight throughout the practice.

To help centre yourself, gently sway from side to side, and then gently move from your hips, forwards and then backwards. You will sense where the centre of gravity is in your body to keep you aligned.



Listen to the Tarot guided visualizations frequently.  There may be one that you need right now to effect change in your life.  You might need to listen to that one several times, or over a period of time.  Being able to download each one on MP3 will make this easier for you.  A good time to listen would be early morning before your day begins, before going to bed at night, or anytime you feel stressed, or when life is not flowing smoothly.  You may also like to listen when travelling on public transport. Because these guided visualizations are designed to deepen your state of relaxation, it’s not a good idea to listen to them while you are driving.

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