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Card 0 - The Fool Guided Visualization

This guided visualization will help you release any fears around change.  It will encourage you to focus on the positive aspects of change, which bring inspiration, and adventure, found in the archetype of The Fool.


You have chosen The Fool, the very beginning of the journey of the self through the archetypes of the major arcana of the Tarot.  The Fool is depicted as a youth, probably male, but The Fool represents us all whether we are male or female.  Throughout the Tarot guided visualizations the Fool is referred to as ‘he’ but if you are female just substitute ‘she’ for ‘he’.


The Fool indicates a fresh start and new beginnings.  The Fool sets out on the path of his supreme adventure, young, innocent, pure, incorrupt, and unaware of what lies in store for him.  He is enthusiastic and confident. He is labelled The Fool, but it is in no way derogatory, for he is stepping forward on the Hero’s journey.  The Fool is the archetype of the eternal optimist.  He is spontaneous and carefree.  He is impulsively setting off into the unknown, and taking each adventure as it comes.  This is a brave and courageous act, for the Fool will surely change, and become much wiser, and aware as he undergoes many initiations.


Before you begin this guided visualization take some time to absorb the image of The Fool. Have the image of the card in front of you and allow your gaze to be soft as you absorb the image.  Gently blink you eyes to regain your focus. Just let your gaze flow over the card, seeing the contrasting colours and shapes of the mountains, the sky, and the cliff.  Notice the details of The Fool’s attire; the feather in his cap, a staff and bag slung over his shoulder, a white rose in his hand, the design of his tunic, and his boots. Observe the little white dog jumping about at his feet, and the sun in the sky.  Notice how near the edge of the cliff the fool is treading.  If any feelings or emotions arise in you as you gaze at The Fool, accept them, be with them, breathe them, and step into them as a preparation for the guided visualization.


You will be guided into creating your own Peaceful Sanctuary at the beginning of the guided visualization.  This is a place you can always come to, to find peace and calm in your life. 


Read the How To Guide before you begin.

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Card 0 - The Fool
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